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At first I was a little nervous about being here but the Administrator assured me everything would be fine. She provided me with her number. They even provided me a room change so I could be closer to everyone and see more people. Everyone really looked out for me. I would definitely recommend this place.
Sherry Steele
I enjoyed my stay. The cnas were very good. Therapy was also really good. I enjoyed my nurses
Dwight cousin
Everyone that worked here was so wonderful. Everyone was always willing to help me. The rehab place I was at before was not this good. This place is definitely number 1 in my book. Everyone was always right there for me. I would give it 10 stars if I could. I can see this close staff are . They are a family and now my family.
Barbara lenaz
I like the place. Everyone was really nice. Therapy really helped me with my arms and legs. The staff are really nice and helpful . I was at the center for about two weeks and leaving today because if my progress.
Geraldine Overton
The staff is great! The nurses are great! The food was good! I enjoyed Bingo. Rehab did a great job getting my body right for home!
I enjoyed my time at Treyburn. This is my second stay here. The staff is very nice and helpful.
Carter Farrar
Treyburn is a great place . They treated my cousin very well. Everything was great
Octavia mitchiner
The entire staff have been really good to me. I could have not ask for a better place
Betty smith
I have been treated well. We have had a few obstacles however they were handled quickly. Everyone is so kind.
Tammy Cohn
Extremely friendly and very caring staff. Rehab is very well trained and they went right to what I needed to know and repeated what I needed to know when that was necessary. They are also very open to suggestions and questions. Overall my stay was very good.
D. Springer
All my Cnas weee really good. Anthony was really good to me. Everything was good! I have no concerns.
Ms Wallace
This is a very nice place. Breakfast is really good. The nurses and cnas are really nice. My Cna Melody is really good. She helps get me dressed every morning. The therapy department is really good.
Sam Jones
My visit at Treyburn has been excellent so far. The cnas nurses and other staff members have been really good to me. They all check on me. Everyone is so friendly. The cook here does an excellent job with the food. I would like to give a special thanks to Melody and Johnnette. Also my nurse Anthony. Patrick the cleaning guy is also great!
Bonnie Fletcher
I really like it here! I really like Physical Therapy. The staff is really nice. This is always where I come for rehab
Linda Barlett
Everyone was nice. I have been here since Sept. I enjoyed my stay now its time to go home.
W. Whitaker
Treyburn is the best facility out of the 4 I have been to. They seem to have the best way to help me reach my long term goals. Nursing staff is the best in the business from what I have seen.
J. Jordan
I have been a resident here for 5 years. I enjoy therapy. I started off slow and worked on advancing myself. Nursing staff is good too and they take care of you . Overall they all do a good job!
J. Owens
I think its a nice facility. I have no complaints and this is my second time here. The nursing and rehab staff is really good.
L. Eubanks
The Nursing staff has been great. Therapy can sometimes be challenging but I always do my best. It has overall been a positive experience.
L. Worley
5 Stars! the food is great and that staff has treated me so well. Therapy has done a great job as well.
E. Lunsford
I have been enjoying my stay and I give it 5 stares.
R. Suitt
Everybody has been very nice, concerned and caring, I haven't had a bad experience yet!
Charlene Osborne
I enjoyed my stay. I wished I could have had more therapy.
Elizabeth M
The staff here treats me like family. I really enjoy my stay.
Dennis Estes
My stay at Treyburn Rehabilitation Center was very pleasant staff was great, and always checked in on me. Overall, I give the center 5 out of 5 stars, so thank you so much Treyburn!!!
T. Thompson
I've been treated with the utmost respect and dignity. The staff has very good bedside manner and personality. I have been very happy with my PT . The food is very good and has a pretty good flavor. I also have no trouble getting my people in to visit and I am very happy with my stay.
Zenobia Bruner
Staying here as a resident has been good. People have been good to me. I try to encourage other residents to keep feeling good about themselves. Food services could be better. CNA's and Nurses are good to people. Therapy has been Wonderful. Staff here are caring and respectful. They have been top notch with patient's here!
Terry Watson
Good people skills and quality services and very respetfully matter they helped both my Mother and Grandma at different times.
stephanie carter
Treyburn is a great place to work for. We are all a family. I have created a loving bond with my co-workers and the residents. I love it here.
The administration and director of nursing and central supply management and human resources and admissions as well as the front desk do an amazing job to ensure that everyone is well taken care of.
ronald thomas
This place is great!!I like it so much a hate to go. This place is like my family. Therapy has been great!
William Walker
Our mother Charlotte White has been coming to Treyburn off and on for fifteen years to recover from various operations. The staff in rehab has been amazing. She has become close to them over the years. She has been to other rehab facilities but finds Treyburn the best and asks to be sent there. We appreciate all they have done for her to recover. Thank You Tonya Hill
P Hill
I have been a resident here for around 6 years. I am very happy here. My wife could not care for me at home. My rehab staff was great The CNAs take really good care. I really like the new administrator Ms.Jones.
Paul Mcneil
Since I’ve been a resident at Treyburn everything has been going well. My aides have been very good to me and they do everything they can for me to make my stay here better. Also Activities here are wonderful and I enjoy going everyday.
Joyce Yarbrough
My grandpa was there and the staff was extremely nice and helpful
Jenn Mart
Treyburn is a beautiful facility in a tranquil, picturesque location. Our staff works very hard to provide care to all of our residents in a thoughtful, loving and professional manner. I am the rehabilitation manager and part of a great team of therapists. We work with each patient to help them reach their goals and achieve their best level of independence. As part of the management team, I can say that we are trying to build community and trust with all of our staff and residents. As in any facility there are always issues and obstacles to overcome. My five star rating today is not based on any given day or circumstance, it is based on my knowledge and confidence in the team we have in place. I believe we have strong and caring, effective leadership, with positive outcomes for our residents as our primary mission. Come visit and see for yourself!!
Laura Lankford
They have a beautiful facility, and excellent staff. I would highly recommend anyone to go here. It is always reassuring to know that there is an excellent rehabilitation center in the area!
Treyburn is a beautiful building with awesome staff members. The nursing and therapy department of this building are truly Rockstars. They are always willing to help and they care about the residents they serve. I am pleased to have met a group of people who are so welcoming and approachable. Thank you Treyburn Rehabilation Center for continuing so show love to the residents, family members, and the community you serve.
Great rehab facility! Definitely recommend.
Dave Bardua
I love working at Treyburn. I'm the DON and I have a great team that is working really hard to make this a great place. We aren't perfect no place is but we truly care about our patients and we not only want to fix problems we do fix them .I don't know what treyburn was like in the past but we are a special place and we are only getting better every day .
Tamara Walker
I have had the pleasure of working with Treyburn Rehab staff for over three years. This is one of the few facilities my patients are always happy to return too! Upon visiting the facilities I found happy and active residents continuing to enjoy life. The staff also seem very happy and enjoy the work they do. It is a true blessing to have such a wonderful care home in our community. I would be honored to have any of my loved ones go to Treyburn for rehab or long-term care if needed.
William M. Brown
I have always been pleased with the care provided and the knowledge of the employees. Their responsiveness to issues and the skill of the therapy department has been overwhelming for our family.
James Plassmeyer
I think it's so important to take Google or any other internet reviews with a grain of salt. Keeping in mind, many are written by heartbroken family members that suffered a loss or are going through a difficult time. Unfortunately, some are even written by disgruntled and revengeful employees attempting to damage the reputation. If you're searching for a skilled nursing facility for short or long term care, this is a facility worth visiting. It's always important to take a tour of each facility that you're considering to care for yourself or your loved one and not leave your choice to a star rating.
Patricia Hayden
Beautiful building, very spacious and homey. My Dad had the pleasure of being a patient about a month ago. I was shocked at the level of care that he received. After reading so many negative reviews, this building was closer to my home, so I decided to try it out. The staff was GREAT!! From the start of admission to the discharge, very smooth process. The CNA Johnetta treated my dad as if he was her father. She and the other nurses was so thoughtful and caring, showed so much compassion, as this transition was very hard for me and my family. I loved the team work and how everyone worked together in taking care of patients. Rehabilitation was phenomenal. I do not have one thing negative to say about this facility. Being that its a rehabilitation facility, you have to understand that things are not going to be perfect. I just appreciate them and their hearts to do their jobs, they took great care of my father. He was very well pleased.
Sheila Wade
I can't say enough wonderful things about this rehab center. My neighbor was here for almost a month and was cared for like family. The people there were so kind and caring. It was always clean when I came to visit and is such a beautiful place, tucked away and surrounded by beautiful flowering trees. Words can not express my gratitude for everything they did to make a difficult time more bearable. She is home and getting stronger every day. Ignore the negative comments and keep doing the great job you ALL do every day to help people.
Edith Knolls
great place to send a person in need the staff was very attentive and always punctual keeps their patients happy clean and treat them like family
Maximus, Daniel Dinja Duragon